Community Safety Unit

Community Safety Department comprises of Seven Units

The following functions are performed by Community Safety Department

1. Motor Licensing And Registration Of Vehicles Section (Registering Authority)

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  • Renewal of motor vehicle licenses     
  • Registration of new vehicle
  • Applications for duplicate registration certificates
  • Registration of used vehicles
  • De-registration of stolen and recovered vehicles or permanently unfit for use
  • Registration of built-up vehicles
  •  De-registration of stolen vehicles
  • Registration of imported vehicles
  • Re-registration of stolen and recovered vehicles
  • Notifications of changes in respect of vehicle particulars
  • Notifications in respect of change of particulars of registered owner of title holder
  • Deceased estates
  •  Applications for introduction of persons, business, close corporations

 2. Driving License Testing Centre (DLTC) Section


  • Marking of learners license tests after completion
  • Perform oral learners license tests
  • Applications for professional driving permits
  • Issuing of professional driving permits
  • Issuing of learner’s licences
  • Issuing of driving licences
  •  Perform eye tests
  • Conversions on to Driver Cards, issuing temporary Driver’s license
  • Renewal of Driver’s license Cards

3. Motor Testing Centre (VTS) Section


  • Testing of roadworthiness from the motor vehicles of the public
  • Issuing of the Certificates of roadworthiness (COR)
  • Checking defects from the Public Transport
  • Conducting the preliminary tests on motor vehicles


4. Disaster Management Section


  • Drafting disaster management plans.
  • Promoting joint standards of practice.
  • Developing the disaster management information system.
  • Contributing critical information to the directory of institutional role-players.
  • Assisting with effective communication links.
  • Advising and making recommendations on training and public awareness.
  • Participating in the review of programmes and policy.

5. Traffic Services and Administration Section


  • Traffic Law Enforcement
  •  Road safety Education
  •  Traffic control
  •  Scholar patrol
  •  Municipal by-laws
  • Crime prevention
  • Social crime prevention
  • Escorts i.e. VIP, funeral processions, marches
  • Attending road accidents and complaints
  • Investigation of complaints
  •  Capturing of written notices (tickets)
  •  Generating of summonses 
  • Preparation of Court Roll
  • Handling of representations
  • Liaising with the court
  • Processing of speed films
  • Answering of calls i.e. public complaints, accidents
  • Capturing if information on the occurrence book (electronically and manually)
  • Handling of emergency calls
  • Driving licence enquiries
  • Vehicle enquiries
  • Co ordination between traffic officers, the public, other emergency services,

Answering of the two way radio.

6. Ixopo Fire Department

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  • Conduct fire inspections to the public Institutions and businesses.
  • Educating vulnerable communities about risks reduction on soil erosion.
  • Carry out fire inspections to new businesses for the purpose of issuing new business Licenses.
  • Extinguish all types of fire i.e. veld, forest, households, settlements and flammable fires.
  • Conduct rescue services to entrap casualties on accidents/saving lives
  • Conduct fire awareness campaigns to schools and public institutions.
  • Conducting fire drills to Public Institutions.



  • Co-ordinate Public Transport activities i.e. rank facilities, route descriptions and operating license permit in conjunction with the Province DOT.
  • Ensuring compliance of the National Land Transport Act 2000 (Act no. 22 of 2000) to Public Transport Operators i.e Taxis, Meter Taxis, Minibus Taxis and Bus Operators.
  • Approve route description to the Public Transport Operators in order to obtain Operating Licence Permit from DOT.
  • Issuing official letters that are the required documents to Department of Transport in order to issue Operating Licence Permit to Public Transport Operators that are operating within jurisdiction area of Ubuhlebezwe Municipality.
  • Maintain peace, order and stability to Public Transport Operators.
  • Liaise with Province DOT Public Transport Monitoring & Compliance Team and Taxi Association Chairmen from different Taxi Associations operating in and out of Ixopo town.