Ubuhlebezwe Municipality in the quest of changing the lives of the people

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It is a great pleasure for me, once again, to have this opportunity to reflect on the endeavors we have made as Ubuhlebezwe Municipality in the quest of changing the lives of the people of Ubuhlebezwe. I present this foreword report which emphasizes the connection between our strategic planning processes and our operational achievements and we share our successes and challenges during the year in the context of the strategic imperatives of our IDP, there by deepening our communication with stakeholders.
We are proud to report that, we completed some projects like Renovating Peace Initiative Hall, Highflats Hall, completing R612/R56 Street Lights, Sports Fields, Access Roads, RDP Houses and we presented the contractors to install electricity at Mahhehle, Ofafa and Mkhunya.
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of Municipal Administration and Leadership in positively advancing the Ubuhlebezwe strategic and transformative agenda during the year, and to thank them for their perseverance and readiness in boldly implementing the objectives of the IDP in the context of a changing and increasingly unpredictable development paradigm. It should be noted that the Municipality has, for the third
time, received a CLEAN AUDIT OPINION report in 2014/15 Financial year and the Municipality is striving so hard to maintain the Clean Audit Report rStatus.
We will continue keeping this town clean at all times upgrading the roads of this town in appreciation of our rate payers; Chapel Street and Stuart Street are in the pipeline, maintaining good relations with the different sectors such as the taxi associations, agricultural institution and religious institutions through creating conducive market conditions for investors and by attending to their plans as soon as we receive them.
Ogle farm development is the main focus to us as this council because it will cater for some of the above mentioned sectors especially business and citizens in terms of sites, together with the district we will attend to the issue of water scarcity in our town by drawing water from UMzimkhulu River to Ixopo through a 15 month project.
In conclusion I would like to take this opportunity and thank all the citizens of Ixopo for moving this town forward there is no us or them.

Thank you

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