Ubuhlebezwe has done it again!!!

Feb 12, 2018 Announcements by admin

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The Auditor general conducts an annual audit on the financial affairs and performance of the municipalities. Amongst what they look at is financial management of public funds, implementation of government policies and compliance with key legislation. Their audit includes the following: Providing assurance that the financial statements are free from misstatements that will affect the users of the financial statements Reporting on the usefulness and reliability of the information in the annual performance report Reporting on material non-compliance with key legislation Identifying the key internal control deficiencies that should be addressed to achieve a clean audit Ubuhlebezwe Municipality has managed to
maintain a clean audit outcome for three consecutive years in the assessment done based on the above stated key areas. This is a great mile stone for the municipality. The municipality continues to be exemplary as it is one two municipalities in the KZN to maintain its clean status for three consecutive years.
On behalf of Ubuhlebezwe management team, as well as Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Council at large, we would like to thank the entire staff of Ubuhlebezwe for the their hard work and dedication. We appreciate the endless hours of service you dedicated to ensuring that we maintain a clean audit for three consecutive years. Thank you for giving this municipality your best. May you enjoy this type of success in all your endeavours.

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