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SOUTH AFRICA celebrates Arbor Month in September annually, Mayor of Ubuhlebezwe Municipality, Cllr EB Ngubo with the members of the executive council and partners took part in a call to plant indigenous trees as a practical and symbolic gesture to sustain the environmental.

The campaign took place in Ixopo Morning View area. Mayor Cllr EB Ngubo in her address encouraged the people of Ubuhlebezwe Municipality to plant trees and look after the natural environment, Mayor also promoted the planting of indigenous trees. “It’s important to protect the environment as a way to preserve national heritage. We will have no heritage to speak of if we don’t act today. In our areas we have felt the direct impact of climate change on agriculture, and the knock-on effect on our country’s water supply” adds Mayor Ngubo. The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries as the custodian of forestry in South Africa, is responsible for the campaign.

The celebration of Arbor month calls for the public to join hands with partners in local government and community-based organisations for an integrated approach to the planting, care and management of all vegetation in urban and rural areas, to secure multiple benefits for communities

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