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This notice serves to alert the public that as per the “Municipal Property Rates Act no 6 of

2004 requires municipalities intending to levy rate to compile General Valuation Roll listing

all rateable properties in the municipality after every five (5) years. The municipality

undergoes the preparation process ensuring that thereafter, all appeals, and objections

have been reviewed and revised before the implementation date”


Ubuhlebezwe Municipality has appointed a suitable service provider who will be undertaking

the project of valuation for all properties within the jurisdiction of Ubuhlebezwe Municipality,

preparation, and maintenance of the valuation roll for the five-year period, effective from 01

July 2023 to 30 June 2028.


The municipality has opted for the Data Collection Strategy, wherein intense physical

verification will be done. It must also be noted that in cases where access is restricted, a

desktop exercise will be used utilizing the aerial photographs.


For enquiries, please contact 039 834 7700 or e-mail:

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