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UBuhlebezwe Mayor, Cllr Elizabeth Bathobile Ngubo, addressing Ward Committees during the Central Ward Committee meeting at the Peace Initiative Hall in Ixopo


THE Council is in the process of renaming uBuhlebezwe Municipality to Johannes Phumani “Past Four” Phungula Municipality. The decision to rename and rebrand the Municipality emanates from a suggestion that was inspired by the reconstruction of the Council Chambers on 29 Margaret Street in Ixopo.

As part of the process, the Municipality has appointed the steering committee to facilitate the legislative requirements and processes of the name change. The Municipality has advertised in various publications and other platforms to solicit proposals from the public and interested parties. The municipality has since received one proposal of the name of “Johannes Phumani “Past Four” Phungula Municipality”. At this stage, the Municipality will invite the community and interested parties to comment on the proposed name of Johannes Phumani “Past Four” Phungula Municipality. The Municipality today held its, quarterly, Central Ward Committee meeting wherein amongst other issues the item of the name change was highlighted by the Mayor, Cllr Elizabeth Bathobile Ngubo, who during the engagement said “We welcome the proposed name and we believe that this decision will honour not only Hon. Phungula but the generation of other brave struggle heroes that were willing to place all on the line for the liberation of the oppressed masses of our people. “Past Four” discharged his responsibilities with dedication, discipline, diligence, and humility, and the life of this great leader epitomizes heroism and commitment to the cause of the poor. It’s important that we leave a legacy” Explains the Mayor.
Honorable Johannes Phumani “Past Four” Phungula was deployed to work in his hometown of Hlokozi to revive political consciousness among the rural communities that had participated in the popular rural struggles and that he was instrumental in mobilizing women’s protests in Ixopo against the draconian pass laws. In 2004 he was elected to the National Assembly where he remained a member until the end of the term of the third democratic Parliament, “Past Four” had astute leadership qualities and many of our public representatives were referring to him for wise counsel.
The council, therefore, urges the public to comment on the proposed name change and partake positively during public consultation processes.

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