Corporate Services

Corporate Services is the core of general Administration and Human Resources Management, Fleet Management, Registry and ICT for Ubuhlebezwe Municipality. It is a portal of entry and exit from the Municipality and supports the functions of all the other Departments of the Municipality, it provides support services and generally ensures that all administrative functions of the Municipality are properly coordinated.

Administration Unit

The Administration Unit is responsible for the provision of administrative support in order to ensure that the Municipality is set on the right path towards effective and efficient delivery by regulating and providing operational support to its sister departments such as:

  • Committees Support: minute taking and compilation together with distribution of agenda for Council meetings; proof reading agendas and minutes making necessary corrections; attending Council, Exco and portfolio committee meetings and facilitating the implementation of resolutions taken therein.
  • Central Records Management: Safe-keeping, distribution and disposal of organisational records; support to optimal and cost-effective printing.
  • Security and Access Control: Activities associated with patrolling the surroundings; controlling access and exit from the Municipal premises; ensuring recording of specific information in the entry/ exit control register; installation, monitoring and maintenance of security cameras and alarm systems ensuring access to the Municipality is controlled,
  • Fleet Management: Operation of the unit including planning, distribution, utilization and maintenance of municipal vehicles whilst attending to the procedures, applications, systems and controls to facilitate support and optimum functionality of fleet unit,
  • Office Cleaning: co-ordination of office cleaning including order equipment and items, outlining cleaning routines and supervising overall cleanliness of municipal offices and properties,
  • Municipal Property Management: Bookings, maintenance and overall management of usage of municipal business properties, main offices and centrally based halls,
  • Legal Support: Provision of administrative support to the Office of the Municipal Manager pertaining to all legal matters,
  • Municipal Bylaws and Policies: compilation, coordination and implementation of municipal bylaws and policy,
  • Reception and Switchboard: providing support to all departments on the telephone system and operations; directing of all incoming telephone calls to the relevant persons; making of outgoining calls on behalf of staff; attending to all enquiries over the telephone and to all public enquiries at the counter.
  • Budgeting: Taking part in drafting annual capital budget for the Department.

Information Technology

What is Information Technology: Information technology (IT) is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.

The IT Unit consist of 3 (Three) technicians & 1 (One) ICT Manager that are responsible for maintaining the Municipalities computer services and equipment. Their duties include but not limited to:

  • Provides an advanced Systems administration service for the Municipality by:
  • Coordinating the implementation of procedures, systems and controls related to the receiving, updating and recording of Systems applications and activities associated with the functionality.
  • Controlling the VME operating system and VME superstructure support products, ensuring the integrity of the mainframe computer operating system.
  • Implementing new software releases, applying ad hoc upgrades/ repairs to the operating system and liaising with the computer supplier’s technical staff to coordinate system upgrades.
  • Monitoring the diagnostic and performance reports/ journals and support/ maintenance database to anticipate potential problems.
  • Coordinating the daily status of the enquiry service, ensuring availability of the communications network, controlling access and monitoring/ maintaining hardware e.g. workstations, network cables, devices, etc.
  • Coordinating and allocating system file store, according to the systems operating requirements, validating requests and availability.
  • Maintaining the hardware configuration, enhancing the operations facilities and planning and implementing disaster recovery processes.
  • In order to ensure that the requirements and procedures associated with the recording/ processing of Town Planning Administration requirements and activities are complied with.
  • Troubleshooting to detect and solve technical problems,
  • Installing or updating required hardware and software and recommending computer products or equipment to improve company productivity.
  • Providing Technical Support/Helpdesk to employees,
  • Monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks within the Municipality in a technical support role.
  • Assist employees with any issues or changes required, such as forgotten passwords, viruses or email issues, you’ll be the first person employees will come to.
  • Maintaining and updating website on a regular basis.
  • Liaising with Service providers regarding to IT services.

Human Resources Unit

Human Resource has Sub Units, namely: Recruitment and Selection, Skills Development, Labour Relations, Employee Wellness and Occupational Health and Safety.


  • Beef up the Organizational Structure to provide departments with personnel.
  • Prepare and submit Employment Equity Reports to Department of Labour.
  • Compile and submit WSP/ATR yearly to LGSETA.
  • Ensure administration of leave.
  • Ensure HR Administration and Development.
  • Ensure provision of EAP.
  • Carry out OHS duties.
  • Developing of HR Management policies.
  • Prepare adverts and ensuring that they are released to press.
  • Processing of Job applications
  • Conduct shortlisting and interviews.
  • Liaise with payroll for processing of salaries of employees after recruitment.
  • Filing of personal documents.
  • Drafting of Job Descriptions.
  • Capture Leaves on VIP System.
  • Process claims of exiting employees.
  • Dealing with queries of employees.
  • Handling of disciplinary hearings.
  • Advertising of Vacant Posts.
  • Presenting WSP to Council for adoption and submitting to LGSETA Annually.
  • Conducting Trainings and liaise with service providers.
  • Conduct Employee Wellness Programme.
  • Assist employees with counselling.


By laws cover various Local Government issues such as public roads and miscellaneous, parking grounds, public open spaces, street trading, selling and undertakings of liquor to the public, public health, cemeteries, and crematoria, emergency services, culture and recreational services, encroachment on property. Ubuhlebezwe Municipality has a total number of 24 ( Twenty Four) By-laws which were adopted by Council on the 4th December 2014 together with their Fine Schedules following Public Participation and Magistrates approval of the Fine Schedules. 

Translation of the existing By-laws and development of any additional By-laws required has been budgeted for in the 2017/18 financial year. 

The following By-laws and applicable fine schedule fine schedules were gazetted on the 9th February 2016.