Infrastructure Planning and Development had endeavored to provide services in various areas such as: Project Implementation, Maintenance of Roads, Storm-water and General Building maintenance, Housing, Building Inspectorate, GIS and Town Planning.


The Project Management Unit is a section within the Infrastructure Planning and Development which is responsible for the implementation of all MIG Projects and any other infrastructural projects within the Municipality. It also has to ensure that the infrastructure is increased, upgraded and maintained properly.


Poverty eradication is still one of the biggest challenges facing our country. Within this context our government has committed itself to the World Summit on Sustainable Development Millennium Targets to eradicate poverty as well as accelerating service delivery. The most important  step that the Government have taken towards addressing these targets is the establishment of the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) Programme. The programme is aimed at providing all South Africans with at least a basic level of service by the year 2013 through the provision of grant finance to cover the capital cost of basic infrastructure for the poor. It is part of government’s overall strategy to eradicate poverty and to create conditions for local economic development. The programme will therefore maximize opportunities for employment creation and enterprise development. The MIG programme fits within the overall development framework of government, which is built on three cornerstones: basic services, food security, HIV/ AIDS. Whilst the MIG programme directly addresses basic services, it also contributes to the other elements since access to basic services improves opportunities.

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