Closing the 2022/2023 financial year

Looking back at the 2022/2023 financial year, the year that will be set behind
the horizon on the 30th of June 2023, I can boldly state that I am well pleased with the way in which Ubuhlebezwe Municipality has implemented its IDP and Budget for the financial year, in spite of the challenges that face the local government sphere universally.


Celebrating Five Years of Excellence


The Greenest Municipality Competition was initiated in 2001, started as Cleanest Municipality Competition with a primary focus in implementing the National Waste Management Strategy. Then the key elements were reducing, recycling and reusing waste material, Ubuhlebezwe Municipality has won the award on two occasions.


As the municipality, we understand the importance of public participation. In all the municipalities operations, we ensure that value for money and transparency remains the basic principle of the business hence the involvement of the public in the proceedings of the municipality.
IDP Road shows are held twice every Financial Year in different wards within the municipality to review the year’s programmes and projects that were projected for the year under review. The municipality gives a report on budget that was allocated for different projects and programmes projected for the year sunder review.
Members of the community are given a platform to voice out and engage in the affairs of the municipality. Their opinions and requests during this session are taken into consideration.

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In South Africa, the right to food, among other basic rights, is enshrined in the Constitution. The same Constitution also affords Government the mandate to make provisions, either legislatively or otherwise, to ensure that this right is realised which is why Ubuhlebezwe Municipality sought out to encompass the support for Hiv/Aids Support groups by introducing QedaIndlala food security campaign, on the 9th of December the Municipality then embarked on journey of all the wards to officially handover the mini food security tunnels to the support groups.
This project will not only eradicate poverty but also have economic development implications as the support groups can consume or sell the produce that they harvest.

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KZN Library Week Launch 2017

On the 17th March 2017 we had KZN Library Week launch that was held in Carisbrooke Inclusive Primary School the activities that were done by Carisbrooke School were related to the library week theme (singing, drama and poetry). The surrounding schools of Ixopo were invited. The launch was more educationally fruitful; learners and guest were so delighted.

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As part of capacity building and ensuring community safety on quarterly basis the Disaster Management section organize integrated community safety awareness campaigns wherein different stakeholders come together at community level to share information on safety. Furthermore on regular basis the fire and disaster management unit visit schools to conduct such awareness campaigns under the burner that when you teach a child you invest in such information, since you are guaranteed that, it will be utilized positively.