Office of the Municipal Manager

The Municipal Manager provides leadership and direction through effective strategies, in order to fulfill the objectives of local government which are provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and any other legislative framework that governs local government.

At Ubuhlebezwe Municipality we uphold the values of integrity and honesty, promoting a culture of collegiality throughout the municipality by delegating duties and rewarding excellence. We also strongly adhere to the Employment Equity policies and ensure that our staff complement has a fair representation in gender and race.

Ms. S Sityata
Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. N.C. Mohua
Director : Social Development
S.B. Mkhwanazi
Director: IPD
Ms. P. Luswazi
Director : Corporate Services
Ms. Z Khumalo
Manager Intergrated Development Plan & Performance Management System
Ms. P Ndamase
Internal Audit Manager


The COMMUNICATION function is within the IDP/PMS Unit, It assists with the dissemination of information and publicising of all the programmes that the Municipality embarks on. It ensures that there is continuous contact and communication with all our relevant internal and external audiences, through proper and formal mediums of communication. The vision and the mission of the Municipality are also marketed through this unit.

The Communications unit is responsible for molding the Municipality into a brand and managing that brand in such a way that it is known, loved and accessible to all its stakeholders


This Unit looks after the wellbeing of the Executive and all Municipal Councilors. The Council of Ubuhlebezwe is made up of 27 Councilors whose core duties makes them operate outside of the Municipal premises as they are based within the communities they serve. This Unit then ensures that all the administrative needs pertaining to Councilors are met and that Councilors are able to receive information and communication from within the Municipality in a timeous manner. The Unit also facilitates Monitoring and Evaluation, with Council playing an oversight role on the performance of the Administration.