The Retreat Centre offers a tranquil environment for the study and practice of philosophy, psychology, meditation and the arts associated with Buddhist culture.  The Centre therefore encourages adherence to traditional Buddhist moral principles during retreats, such as respect for all forms of life and abstinence from alcoholic drinks and hallucinogenic drugs.  Noble Silence is maintained from the last meditation at night until the first session after breakfast in the morning.  During some retreats, Noble Silence is maintained throughout. Radios and pets are not allowed at the Centre.  Only some retreats are suitable for children from the age of 12 (e.g. family, kite, sketching and art retreats).

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Carisbrooke mountain (Hindu Deities )

It is situated along R56 in Carisbrooke (Ward 2). Carisbrooke has a mountain called Inyeza, which consist rock formation which are related to Hindu religion. It is believed that the mountain is a sacred where Hindu Gods are found such as Lord “Shiva”, “Garnesha”, “Hanuman”.Lord Ganesha is Vighneshvara or Vighnaraja or Vighnaharta (Marathi), the Lord of Obstacles, both of a material and spiritual order. He is popularly worshipped as a remover of obstacles, though traditionally he also places obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked.Lord Shiva is the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world.Lord Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Hanuman Ji, the monkey God. He is the symbol of strength and energy.

Roman Catholic Church building

The beautiful Roman Catholic Church building, found in Ubuhlebezwe , Is only a very small part of the very large body of this church active in and around Ixopo. This Organisation includes Christ the King Hospital and The Little flower School, Reports of which can be found in Hospital and Educational sections respectively. Mariathal founded in 1887, was the first seminary for priests who had completed their philosophical studies overseas, and would then complete their studies in the environment in which they were to labour. In the 1930’s the seminary moved to St Mary’s situated on the left of road to Highflats town, and was a place of study for those men desirous of taking Orders and entering the Priesthood.
Mariathal, on the main road to Pietermaritzburg has remained a Roman Catholic mission Centre, Providing inter alia, a primary and High school, and a church conference centre.


Taking the Inhlamvini road to Highflats, then turning left at the Springvale turn off, one can travel over a rough road along the umkomaas valley through Platt Estate to the coast. A truck or land rover would be necessary but this is a worthwhile trip with spectacular scenery.


The local inhabitants took part in both world wars and the memorial Halls were collected in the area to build the Hall with local Moths playing a prominent role. Now this Hall play an important part as venues for intertainment and in the social lives of their respective communities.

Umthwalume Church and Falls

A few miles on the Umzinto side of Highflats town. The main road R612 crosses the Umthwalume River. There on the right hand side situated a truly beautiful chapel built of stone cut locally. This chapel is built overlooking the umthwalumi falls. The umthwalume River drops down two distinct precipices into a deep gorge is a lovely little, neat well-kept aloe garden and beyond the church a small cemetery where a number of the earlier inhabitants now rest in peace. There are pools above, below and halfway down the falls where one can paddle or wallow. This is truly a very beautiful picnic spot and easily accessible.

Roelton Dam

  • Ixopo’water supply was built in 1964/66 at a cost of R26 000. The dam is built in a beautiful setting in the hills and is almost totally surrounded by gum tree plantations. This is beautiful and peaceful spot for:

Fishing: Times of quiet reflection are often spent with a rod along the many rivers and streams, and round the numerous dams with more than just a chance of a Bass, Trout, Bluegill, Tilphia, Scaly or barbell. The farmers are particularly conscientious when it comes to stocking up new dams, with the result that almost every dam has some type of fish. Most farmers, when approached, will allow people to fish some of their dams with the exception of dams stocked with trout


The ancient system of making maize meal is now preserved for people to explore. This antique wooden machine is still alive and working in this era. A brief working sequence of the Winnower:  “The winnower, which has two large fans to blow the chaff outside, shakes back and forth separating small stones and other debris from the maize kernels and depositing them into maize kernels and depositing them into the black bin on the side to be collected, as well as sending the kernels down the chute to the crusher downstairs”.  This Museum found in Kings Grant Country retreat is really an intriguing and revealing experience.